Driving bike in Carinthia

Motorcycling between the mountains and lakes. The southernmost and sunniest province of Austria is surrounded by the mountains of the Tauern, Karawanken, Gurktal, Nockberge and Carnic Alps. The picturesque roads and some 200 lakes are the most popular destinations for bikers, according to the motto “From Austria’s highest mountain to the warmest lakes”. Extensive tours of winding mountain roads, romantic panoramic tours and beautiful routes around the lakes. With the three cultures of Austria, Italy and Slovenia at your fingertips, cross-border day trips in the Alps and Adriatic region are possible. A well-developed and almost car-free road network with excellent signposts provide boundless driving pleasure on the south side of the Alps. In September the annual Harley Davidson meeting takes place in and around the surroundings of the Faaker See (35 kilometres from our guesthouse).

bikers welcome carinthia kärnten motorrijders welkomImmediately in front of our guest house starts the motorbike fun between the beautiful lakes and mountains of Carinthia. The province with the sunniest climate in Austria is therefore an ideal destination for motorcyclists. With the motorcycle to the highest mountain of Austria “the Großglockner”, or a Slovenian-Italy tour. Numerous possibilities for an exciting Biker tour, that’s what you can expect in our surroundings.
And of course we have a covered and closed motorcycle parking space (free of charge) available for bikers all year round.

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Grossglockner Hochalpenstraße
The 48 km long Grossglockner Hochalpenstraße with its 24 hairpin bends is one of the most beautiful north-south connections. Well-maintained mountain roads and passages are interspersed with curved mountain routes, which constantly provide an impressive view. Mölltal, Iselsberg, Kalser Glocknerstrasse, Felbertauernstrasse, Virgen-, Stubach-, Kaprunvalley and Lake Zell are your companions on the trips through the national park.

Villacher Alpenstraße
It is 16.5 km long, has seven hairpin bends and 116 bends, climbs 1,200 m and offers the most spectacular views and unique nature experiences: the Villacher Alpenstraße. Open all year round, the mountain road is one of the five high quality Alpine roads in Austria! You start your drive in the Villach-Möltschach district, where the cash register is located. First of all, it goes uphill in various hairpin bends, until the road offers a wide view of Villach, the Julian Alps and the Karawanken Mountains. On a long strip of land, it now follows the edge of the notable ridge to the tree line over alpine meadows to the destination Rosstratte with a view of the summit of Dobratsch.

Discover one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes of Austria on this 35 km long Alpine road! The slightly rounded peaks, the “Nock’ n”, contrast with the rugged peaks of the Central Alps. The altitude is also moderate, all mountain peaks are below 2,400 m above sea level. With 52 hairpin bends and numerous other curves, the varied Nockalmstraße adapts harmoniously to the terrain – it goes uphill and downhill, always with new, beautiful views. The name “The Serpentine” becomes immediately noticeable on this route, because the street winds like a snake around hill tops, over heights and through valleys.

motorradwochen motorrijden motorrad biker

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Malta Hochalmstraße, many curves and breathtakingly beautiful
The highest dam in Austria is situated at an altitude of 1,933 metres, the Kölnbreinsperre. Even the trip to Malta is a small adventure: an adventurous ride on the 14.4 km long Malta Hochalmstraße marked by rocks and hairpin bends. The many waterfalls along the Malta Hochalmstraße give the Maltadal the name “Valley of Falling Water”. The “Malteiner Wasserspiele” is particularly impressive. Here the water flows in depth over several rocky steps.
The road is characterized by rock-cut natural stone tunnels and sharp curves that make the road a pleasure for cars and bikers. In the narrowest places, two traffic lights provide safety for guests. You can park your car in the parking lot at the end of the road, from where you can easily walk to the other attractions.
The Malta Hochalmstraße is – especially for bikers – one of the dream roads of the Alps. The annual motor blessing on the Kölnbreinsperre has long been a fixed point for many bikers. There is also a lot to do for adventurous people. The region offers countless possibilities to make your trip or holiday as varied as possible. One of the highlights is the bungy jumping on the Kölnbreinsperre.

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