Lake Millstättersee, the pearl of Carinthia

millstätter see

The Millstättersee is 5 minutes drive from our guest house. The water of the large lake fascinates, enchanting nature. Typical for the Millstättersee is the terraced topography. The lake, at 600 meters, is the first step. The second step, at 900 metres, is the high plateau extending from the east to the western shore of the lake. At 2000 meters is the third step, the Millstätter Alpe.

With a length of 12 kilometres, De Millstättersee is the second largest lake in the southern province of Carinthia. The Millstättersee is up to 1.5 kilometres wide. Although the sunny Carinthia has many mountain lakes, the jewel of the province is the Millstättersee. With 24 degrees Celsius in summer, it is also one of the warmest lakes in Austria. 

The wide, flat beaches make the lake a perfect destination in the summer holidays for families with children. The almost undeveloped south bank offers plenty of opportunities for rest and nature lovers. The lake offers many water sports opportunities and in the surrounding mountain landscape there is an extensive network of hiking and cycling routes. The villages around the lake each have their own unique character.

The Millstättersee lies in the middle of the mountain world of the National Park Nockberge, the Millstätter Alpe with the Tschiernock, the Goldeck and the mystical Mirnock. Her beautiful play of colours and crystal clear drinking water with a high mineral content seduce her to unique mountain and lake contacts. More than 500 km of hiking trails open up the beautiful landscape between water and mountains. You will hear the sound of soft, gently babbling water at the lake or on adventure walks. Alpinistic highlights can be experienced on the highest mountain in Austria: the Großglockner just 80 km from the lake. The grenades make many a walk on the Millstätter Alpe or in the “Granatschlucht” an exciting treasure hunt. You can fill up with new energy on the “Orten der Kraft” near the Mirnock. For example, the path leads past a “Loch-Menhir”, which looks towards the Gipfelkreuz of the Mirnock.

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